Personal Reputation Management for High Profile Individuals


Personal Reputation Management

If you are a high profile individual or celebrity and rely on your public image, controlling it is very important. Offline you may rely on a PR company to publish positive news articles about you, but online your profile is equally important. 

Using a social media agency is good but will not help you control the first page of a Google for your name. If you have negative content on your Wikipedia page then Pure Reputation can remove it and also add positive content you need. Wikipedia control is especially important because of the way Google presents information. In the same way as map listings are to businesses, Wikipedia results sit right at the top in their own box. No matter what appears about you online this page will always be checked out first. 

Pure Reputation can work alongside your social media agency or PR company and provide a strategy to maximise your online news releases, social media and blog pages, and even your images and videos. We provide a complete solution for individuals who rely on their online reputation. Find out more about our approach to online reputation management and how we can work with you by contacting us today. Email us at: or call 02071834227

Pure Reputation are online of the longest established online reputation management agencies in the U.K. We also specialise in de-indexing negative or outdated news articles, as well as suppressing it with positive content. Find out more today. 

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