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Welcome to Pure Reputation, the future of online reputation management. We are an agency based in central London and specialize in fixing and protecting reputations.

Your brand’s reputation is key to its success. Reputation is what brings in new customers and keeps existing ones. When your brand is damaged, your leads dry up and your business suffers. If potential customers search your brand name in Google, will they like what they see? Do negative results come up under your website? Even before they finished typing your company name in Google, does Google Suggest show negative suggestions?

Many brands are defamed online by competitors, ex-employees and other’s trying to harm their business’s reputation. The website’s that show up are usually from powerful domains which easily outrank any positive content there might be. Moreover, customers researching your business will be more drawn to negative reviews than positive ones. You may lose them before they even click on your website. Learn more about Pure Reputation here.

Our solution is simple. We delete negative content on Yahoo Answers, Mumsnet, Scambook,Yelp and Yell.com. We also remove negative Google Suggest results, negative images on Google and even YouTube videos. If you have a negative forum thread about you or blog, we can delete that too. Other reputation management companies say it is impossible to delete this type of content but we do it every day. Visit PureReputation.co.uk to find out more.

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