Easy ways to Raise your Online Reputation


Pure Reputation

With hundreds of websites available to you, it can be hard to choose which ones have the biggest impact when people search for you. If you have a comparatively common name, you will notice that it is difficult to find yourself using Google, and this means that others can’t find you either. If you are a business, this will have detrimental effects on your turnover. Online reputation management companies such as Pure Reputation can help you by setting up and maintaining professional assets thereby raising your image online.

Pure Reputation

The first thing you must get used to doing is monitoring your own search results. You can sign up for services that alert you whenever your name, email address, brand or business is mentioned online. Google offer this service and it is great for keeping tabs on where your assets are ending up.
Secondly, Pure Reputation recommend maintain professional looking social media accounts. These will be the pages that people searching for you will find first. A varied range of accounts is important and if you have a business make sure that it is listed on services like Yelp and Google Maps for maximum exposure. 

Having a great website is the least used method of maintaining a positive online presence. A website is the perfect platform to display your strengths, display your portfolio and show potential clients and employers what you can do. If you have put off creating a website because you are unsure of how to, don’t worry unduly. It isn’t difficult to get a site up and running in just a few minutes. You don’t need a web designer for the purposes of a personal website. Talk to Pure Reputation about boosting your online presence and find out more about our services on our Facebook page.

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