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The Pure Reputation team are always looking for new ways to expand our services and we are very proud to announce the addition of Google Suggest Repair and Trip Advisor Review Removal, to our range of services. These services are key to any business suffering the spiraling effects of a handful of complaints.

Google Suggest Repair

Google Suggest is a familiar part of the world's favourite search engine. Many think it useful as it guides the searcher to the most popular searches based on an incomplete search term; an advanced form of predictive texting. However, consumers are both careful and curious, and when negative suggestions appear for your term they will always get the most click-throughs. See the graphic below.

Google Suggest Repair

In this instance, a potential customer searching for Scottish Power will be more likely to click on 'scottish power complaints' than any other suggestion. Every click moves the negative term up the list. In essence, once there is a negative suggestion it will always climb up the ranks. With our process we can actually reverse this trend in the majority of cases and create positive or neutral suggestions to fill the gaps and prevent the same problem recurring. To enquire, visit the Pure Reputation Google Suggest Repair page.

Trip Advisor Review Removal

Trip Advisor is one of the most widely used and trusted accomodation and service reviews platforms in the world. Their UK site alone has three quarters of a million unique visitors per day making it the first port of call for the majority of travellers. If your business is affected by bad reviews and you want to make a fresh start, or perhaps you have taken over a business and are struggling to rectify the previous owner's mistakes; Pure Reputation can help. Most requests are completed within days of submission and payment is only requested after the content is deleted.   


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