What Is Online Reputation Management?


What is Online Reputation Management?

Online Reputation Management is protecting companies and individuals from negative content about them online. Although SEO focusses on generating traffic and business from generic keywords, it does not take into account the user journey. Most visitors to a web page will check out the website and business name itself to see whether they are reputable enough and have enough good reviews to trust them. Even if they find the product or service they want, even if they buy it, they will still cancel and go elsewhere if they don't like what they see.

Pure Reputation

Reputation Management ensures that users find positive content and not negative content which can harm your reputation. Reputation Management companies focus on branded keywords and branded keywords + reviews and other suggestions, instead of generic keywords.

What kind of content do people or companies usually have online that they want to remove?

- Negative news stories in local or national newspapers
- Negative blogs written by competitors, ex-employees, annoyed business associates or genuine clients
- Negative Facebook posts or groups
- Old content from the past that is embarrassing and should be forgotten
- Negative Forum Threads
- Complaint Websites
- Negative websites
- Tripadvisor, Chekatrade and other rating websites
- Unwanted images and videos including YouTube videos

Can it be removed or just pushed down?

This content can be:

1) deleted
2) de-indexed
3) displaced

This is all approved by Google and the websites in question and is not hacking or black hat in any way

Who are the Best Reputation Management Companies?

Pure Reputation. No one ORM Company targets negative content for deletion, and only then tries to de-index it from Google while at the same time promoting and managing positive content about you online. Pure Reputation put the client in control and provide them with access to all social media, blogs and websites created for them. Pure Reputation work alongside your company continuously putting in place a content strategy that uses your companies real reviews and company updates and promotes them online to their full potential. They not just an agency, they are an extension of your team.

Other reputation management companies will tell you negative content can't be removed, and only pushed down with positive content. However, this is untrue. Some content can be deleted, such as negative Yahoo Answers, Google Reviews and Blogspot blogs. Others can be actively by Google removed from the Google search engine. Only if this cannot be done do they attempt to displace it. They try to solve the problem, not prolong it.

They can also help fix negative Google Suggest results. Follow Pure Reputation on Twitter.

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