The Importance of Monitoring your Online Reputation


The Importance of Monitoring your Online Reputation

For businesses in today's world of Web 2.0, monitoring and protecting your online reputation is getting progressively harder. The number of online sources referencing your brand or your products is constantly increasing, and very often you have no control as to what these pages say. A reputation can be maliciously destroyed online by competitors, and it's very difficult to prove and even harder to repair after the damage has been done. The key is to stay on top of it before things get out of control.

Bad Reviews

Particularly in the UK, small businesses operating in the same industry - whether in the same town or not - can be ruthless to their competitors. With average disposable income at an all time low, the level of competition for that expenditure is at an all time high. Businesses with only a handful of employees are expected to:
  • Provide great customer service
  • Have a competitive product and pricing model
  • Adhere to regulations
  • Maintain a flexible marketing strategy
And this is all expected to be done while maintaining daily operations. It doesn't take much negative content online to impact a company's revenue. One negative item in Google can have a 12-fold impact on the business, whether it is genuine, or malicious. It's not difficult to see how quickly this could result in redundancies and ruin for a small firm. 

Pure Reputation

Based in London, Pure Reputation work with business and individuals providing a unique service. Unlike other online reputation management agencies, we have the ability to remove content permanently in many instances. Failing this, we have the expertise to definitively push it down - and even fix negative Google Suggestions that appear when a user starts typing in your brand name. Talk to us today for advice on your online assets and how we can work together to ensure that your brand looks consistently trustworthy and attractive to potential customers and clients. Follow us on the Pure Reputation twitter!

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