Fixing Negative Results on Google Suggest


Fixing Negative Results on Google Suggest

At Pure Reputation, we specialise in remove negative content online. Many people and businesses have unfounded and malicious negative content written about them online, or even offline. This can linger in Google for years and affect your Google Suggest results. This requires ongoing Google Suggest repair for at least three months.

We are an online reputation management company based in London. As well as deleting Yahoo AnswersYelp reviews and others we also remove negative Google Suggest results. These are the suggestions that show up as soon as you have typed in your search. Here is an example of a negative Google Suggest results 'scam' appearing in

Many individuals also need their Google Suggest results fixed, removing their link to an old job, court case, newspaper article or hometown. This gives them peace of mind and allows them to move on. Pure Reputation have different packages depending on how quickly you need the results removed and how many people are searching for you. Contact the Pure Reputation team to find out more.

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