Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management 

For those who wish to work in reputation management, or want to find out more about the industry here is some information. 

Online Reputation Management used to be seen as a dirty industry, thought of as helping unscrupulous people get away with their crimes - 'the lesbian sister of SEO', as they would say on Family Guy. Many individuals could not afford to pay someone to develop their online presence and would have to look at whatever third party websites wrote about them. However, it has now developed into a much more exciting industry than SEO, an industry not about competing for leads on generic searches, but on protecting brands and individuals for their name. It is about people, and open to them in a way SEO isn't. Businesses and professionals know that with a bad reputation, getting the same amount of clients costs more because many clients are lost. It is like filling up a bucket with a hole in it. 

ORM is also about letting people carry on with their life after being tarnished by the media unfairly. Letting professionals keep the good name it took them years to earn, and being a positive force fighting trolls and online abuse of all types. It is an industry where every day is different, and you get to meet new people in every walk of life. It is not about fabricating content or reviews, but using what you do have effectively and putting in place a strategy to generate more on an ongoing basis. 

If you have a PR company, or publishing company, or management company they won't do your social media and blogging, they won't build you a website, or make YouTube videos for you, or tie it all together in a positive network that protects your brand online. Even if they do, they still won't have the expertise to remove negative content. This is where a reputation management agency comes in. 

Online Reputation Management is not SEO. It is not about how many links you can build or where your website ranks for how many searches -  It's about cherry picking and optimising quality profiles so you own and control the entire page 1 of Google for your name, keeping you in control and leveraging their domains, so there is no need for large scale link building and the results are stable. 

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