Pure Reputation's Guide on How to Boost your Online Reputation


Everyone has the right to express their opinion about your brand. It is even stated in the law about human rights. However, boundaries need to be respected. Some of the negative content online are illegal. It either uses defamatory language or shows false information. Depending on the extent of your problem, here are some things you can do to help boost your online reputation:

Content Creation

If someone googles your name, appearing on page 1 and 2 of the search results will be much more important than your business card or website. The search result will show high-ranking links about you. If they display false information, the first thing that you should do is increase the ranking of positive content. One thing you can do is create a blog. Having a blog gives you a dedicated page that your audience can visit at any time to consume your content. You must put lots of effort into it. You must avoid grammar mistakes and too sophisticated words. You can also add relevant charts and images.

Be Active in Social Media

Having your profile setup on social media is very important so that people can find your business. Checking restaurants, hotels or advertising agencies on Facebook is often the first thing clients do before deciding for an offer. On your social media pages, post very entertaining and interesting content about you or your business that will attract followers. You can post on Twitter about your most recent products or share links to articles on your website. On LinkedIn, you can create an account for your company if you are looking for audiences which are related to your field. LinkedIn usually brings together professionals that have a common field.

Dealing with Reviews

It's important to track and address online reviews promptly and professionally. Instead of waiting for reviews to come in, you should look for innovative ways to encourage your customers to post positive online reviews for your company. But usually, we encounter trolls and unsatisfied customers posting negative reviews about your company. The most important thing to take note is not to “add fuel to fire”. As tempting as it may be to try and stand up for yourself, you are ultimately asking for another reply, likely repetitive, and thus filling the page with more content which will make it more likely to show up in search engines. Most consumer rating and reviews sites will not allow you to remove reviews. If you consider a rating or review to be defamatory, you can request that site to take it down.

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